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Turn your child's birthday into an adventure with the pioneer Children's Escape Room from Spain, now in Portugal!

Reservations Open for BRAGA!

We are finalizing preparations to bring the most exciting and fun experiences for children and teenagers to Braga.
You can now make your reservation to come celebrate this birthday starting from December 9th. Don't miss this unique opportunity and be one of the first to join the fun!

Children's escape room - quality


Our trajectory speaks for us. Thousands of children in Spain have already lived unforgettable adventures with us. Now it's Portugal's turn!

Children's escape room - trajectory


With over 6 years creating smiles and emotions, we are ready to bring our expertise and passion to young adventurers in Portugal.

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Even on the way, we want you to feel the emotion from the first moment. We are here for you, ready to make every moment special.

🚪 What is an Escape Room? 🚪

An Escape Room for children is a live group game and at EMOTION!, additionally, it is an educational experience, providing a safe and thrilling adventure for the younger ones. 'Locked' in an immersive and thematic environment, every detail and object tells a part of the story, challenging young minds to work together to find creative and logical solutions. All of this happens while the clock makes a thrilling countdown, adding an element of fun and urgency to the experience. ⏳

It's here that your children's teamwork, quick thinking, and creativity are put to the test! Each escape room is unique, offering puzzles and challenges that promote strategic thinking and cooperation. These games are designed specifically for children, combining adventure and learning in an experience they will not forget!

More than a game

Let's tell you more

Just for children?

Yes! We have brought to Portugal a unique and pioneering experience, specialized for children and teenagers from 8 to 14 years old. Every detail has been meticulously thought out to ensure a truly extraordinary adventure. Get ready for a new way to celebrate birthdays, with lots of excitement and fun!

In our own way

Ensuring that the children have unforgettable moments is our highest priority. At EMOTION! we introduced the "monitor," which did not exist in this type of games. Our monitors are much more than just supervisors! They will play and work as a team, ensuring that the activity is a success, without ever neglecting the responsibility of taking care of the children.

Positive values

An Escape Room is an interpersonal game; Its development depends on communication, interaction, and cooperation among the participants. We accompany the children throughout the game to make it a enriching experience, fostering their autonomy and emotional intelligence, just as we have successfully done in Spain. To ensure that all children have fun, we have set a limit of participants per game.


Neuroscience states that without positive emotions, there is no learning. At EMOTION! this is fundamental: from the ambiance to the challenges and the experience as a whole. Our adventures are multidisciplinary games based on the theory of multiple intelligences. The challenges are adjusted according to age, ensuring they are a challenge for everyone and that, upon overcoming them, they feel truly excited!

We are in Braga...

... And soon we will be in another city that we cannot reveal yet 🙈

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