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Our adventures are really cool, but truly cool! because they are unique stories in the world that come to life thanks to the kids. They help us find our grandparents' cat, thwart the plans of a malicious hacker, and even figure out what's going on with a mosquito! Sounds cool, right?

Now we want to help you.
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Who is it for?

EMOTION! is the first Escape Room aimed at children between the ages of 8 and 14 years old.
Here they are the main players.
The game takes place in a safe and educational environment where all challenges can be resolved by the children themselves. We adapt the game to suit each age group, allowing them to work independently.


Learn through play

Neuroscience declares that without positive emotions there can not be any learning and EMOTION! keeps that in mind: in the atmosphere, the challenges and the overall experience.
“The Cloud”, “The Cat” and “The Mosquito” are multidisciplinary games in which all challenges are based on the theory of multiple intelligence. The participants have to resolve the problems with ingenuity, creativity and logic in order to advance in the game.



An Escape Room is an interpersonal game; its development depends on the communication, interaction and cooperation between the participants. The objective of EMOTION! is that it will enrich and help enrich the cognitive and personal development of the young people.
For this reason we have established a limit of participants allowed in each game. This way we can make sure every participant plays a role during the activity.



They will be accompanied by one of our monitors who will guide them when necessary and with whom they will work until the end of the game to make it an unforgettable experience.
The adventures of EMOTION! are completely original and unique, which makes the games spontaneous and unexpected.

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Escape room para niños Escape room para niños
Escape room para niños Escape room para niños
Escape room para niños Escape room para niños