In Barcelona you will find these two Escape Rooms for Kids and Teens

Escape room for kids Mataró - The Mosquito

2 - 10 8 - 14 years old 60'

Calle Sant Benet, 57 (Centre)


But... What is a mosquito doing here?!

A mosquito has been flying around the house for days... It doesn't bite or anything, it just flies from one side to the other and seems friendly.
Just as I sit down on the sofa, my eyes can't believe what they're seeing:
- What are you doing here?
Toc toc, toc toc, I tap with my finger, but nothing, it doesn't move.
- If you don't move a little, I can't see anything!
And now... How do I continue? What can I do? 🤔 I don't have much time left!
💡 The only option left for me is to go in!


Can you help me?
Form your team and come to complete this mission!
WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! Time is running out!

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  • What Does the EMOTION! Experience Includes?

    Full-on Fun

    60 minutes of play

    60' of play for a unique celebration, whether it's a birthday or not, with a little extra time for adults to discover where the kids had fun.

    A Super Monitor


    An adventure companion, who will guide the children throughout the journey and will ensure that everything goes great.

    Bracelets for Everyone


    All the adventurers will receive bracelets, and the birthday boy or girl will have a special bracelet to stand out on their day.

    Fantasy Cake

    Fantasy Cake

    As it can't be missing in a fantasy-filled Birthday, we have our cake to sing 'Happy Birthday' and crown the final photo.


    Prices and Booking:

    The booking is made with a deposit of 50 euros.
    If you do not know exactly the number of participants you can still book by marking an approximate number.
    The rest will be paid at the venue on the day of the activity according to the number of children that finally attend.

    3 players

    Price per player:
    22 €

    4 players

    Price per player:
    21 €

    5 players

    Price per player:
    19 €

    6 players

    Price per player:
    18 €

    7 or more

    Price per player:
    17 €

    (These prices are per game. Each booking is independent of the other.)

    For any questions in respect to the reservation or for last-minute reservations, call/WhatsApp Alba to check availability at 633 22 86 49.

    Did you know that you can bring our experience us a gift?

    ¡Give EMOTION!

    The best gifts are those that are kept in the memory. If you are looking for an original gift for children and adolescents, we assure you that with our games you will be right. Therefore, for a Birthday, Communion, Christmas or any other occasion, give EMOTION!

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    Meet the monitors that will be with the children!

    At EMOTION! children will be with one of our monitors. They are Alba, María, Noa and Núria.

    What’s an escape room?

    An Escape Room is a really fun group game, where participants are “locked” in a room and they have to find a way out or resolve a mystery in a limited time, using logic, ingenuity and teamwork. Every escape room is different! Each one has a theme that separates them and makes them unique. There are puzzles, enigmas and strange objects that drive you to the end of the game.
    It’s a great gift for a different kind of birthday!

    Who is the game aimed at? And the adults?

    The game is designed for kids and teenagers from ages 8 to 14 years, since the rooms aren’t adapted, but created for them. We recommend that the participants are doing at least 3º of primary and at most 2º of ESO. The only adult entering the game with the participants will be the monitor. This is because she will know when to intervene so that the experience is more enjoyable for the participants.

    How does EMOTION! work?

    Since it’s an activity only for kids, the adults will leave the group in our establishment and they will come and pick them up at the designated time with the monitor Alba, María, Noa or Núria.
    The game is done in a team with some of them, so they will be supervised at all times.
    We would appreciate punctuality when coming to pick them up so you can see each other when they exit the room, it tends to be very exciting!
    We don’t take pictures of the kids, we only do so with prior consent of the parents.

    How long does the activity last?

    In EMOTION!, the games last 60 minutes.
    We estimate the entire activity lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.
    As the game is organized under reservation, punctuality is very important. Due to the nature of this activity, if you are late that will mean a loss of game time. In the case of having a 15m delay EMOTION! can cancel your reservation to not affect the team following yours.

    How does the team have to be?

    The team has to be at least 2 people and a maximum of 10 for “The Mosquito”.
    The challenges are designed for different ages, for that reason it’s very important to notifier them so the game is organized in the best way possible. In the case that the participants are of different age groups, the game is prepared with challenges of several difficulty levels.

    In what languages can the game be played?

    The game can be done in Catalan, Spanish or English, but by default it will be one in Catalan and or Spanish. In the case that you want it to be done in English you simply have to let us know.

    Is there a bathroom in the premises?

    There is a bathroom, but you can’t accés it immediately, since it’s after the first room. The restroom can be used either after the game or during if it’s necessary. We recommend the participants go to the toilet before the game begins!


    You can write to me, call me or send me a whatsapp!
    contacto escape room niños
    633 22 86 49