In Braga you will find these two Escape Rooms for Kids and Teens

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Monkey Park now also supports your children's growth with our Escape Room for older kids!

Escape room for kids Braga - The Cloud

6 - 10 8 - 14 years old 60'

Rua Irmã Lúcia (In Monkey Park), 4700-152


We'll tell you the story, but you'll discover the best part when you play 😉

The Cloud

Our most important memories and files are in danger! 😲

This morning, a hacker with not-so-good intentions knocked on the doors of our lab. His obsession with internet functionalities led him to concoct a prank that no one would enjoy.

His goal is to erase all the files we have stored in the Cloud, yours is... TO STOP HIM! 💪


Do you accept the challenge?
Form your team and come save us from this virtual trouble!
WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! Time is ticking!

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  • Escape room for kids Braga
    Escape room for kids Braga
    Room escape for kids Braga
    Birthday for kids Braga
    Children's birthday Braga
    Escape room for kids

    What are the birthdays like in the Escape Room at Monkey Park?

    Super cool

    60 minutes of play - Escape Room Braga

    60 minutes of play for a unique celebration, whether it's a birthday or not, with some extra time for the birthday child's parents to discover where the kids had fun in the Escape Room.

    With a super Monitor

    Monitor - Escape Room Braga

    More than a monitor, an adventure companion, who will guide the children throughout the journey in the Escape Room and ensure that everything goes beautifully.

    With bracelets for everyone

    Bracelets - Escape Room Braga

    A keepsake to remember. All adventurers will receive bracelets, and the birthday child will have a special bracelet to stand out on their day at the Escape Room.

    With Cake (Optional)

    Fantasy cake - Escape Room Braga

    As it cannot be missing in a birthday full of fantasy, fun and excitement, the children will enjoy a delicious cake and blow out the candles with their friends.


    Prices and Booking:

    • MONKEY PARK will be waiting for you to accompany you on this adventure.

    • The Escape Room, located within their facilities, is reserved exclusively for the birthday child and their guests.

    • This type of activity is carried out in closed groups. You book the entire game for your team!

    Logos Monkey Park and Emotion Escape

    • The booking is made with a deposit of 50 euros.

    • If you do not know exactly the number of participants you can still book by indicating an approximate number.
    The remainder will be paid on-site on the day of the activity according to the final number of children.

    3 players

    Price per player:
    19 €

    4 players

    Price per player:
    18 €

    5 players

    Price per player:
    17 €

    6 players

    Price per player:
    16 €

    7 or more

    Price per player:
    14 €

    Add cake and drink for just €30

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    The best gifts are those that remain in our memories... Right?!
    If you are looking for a unique gift for children or teenagers, our escape room games are sure to be a hit!
    Over 1000 people have chosen us to offer our games for Birthdays, Christmas, Epiphany, Saints' days, Communions, and many more special occasions, and we couldn't be happier about it!
    The gift card is easy to obtain, and for the recipient, convenient and simple to exchange.

    So, don't hesitate any longer and offer the EMOTION experience!

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    🖨️ Here you have some printable boxes that are very easy to make to keep the card, so the gift looks even nicer. Choose the one you like most!

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    What is an Escape Room?

    An Escape Room for kids is a live group game and at EMOTION!, additionally, it is an educational experience, providing a safe and exciting adventure for the younger ones. 'Locked' in an immersive and thematic environment, every detail and object tells a part of the story, challenging young minds to work together to find creative and logical solutions. All of this happens while the clock is doing an exciting countdown, adding an element of fun and urgency to the experience. ⏳

    This is where your children's teamwork, quick thinking, and creativity are put to the test! Each escape room is unique, offering puzzles and challenges that promote strategic thinking and cooperation. These games are specifically designed for children, combining adventure and learning in an experience they will not forget!

    Who is the game aimed at? And the adults?

    The game is exclusively intended for children and teenagers from 8 to 14 years old, since these are not adapted rooms, but rather created for them. Having children of mixed ages is not a problem, as well as including some younger children, provided they are at least 6 years old.
    The only adult person who will enter the game with the participants will be the monitor. This is because they will know when to intervene so that the children can play independently and so that the experience is successful.

    How does EMOTION! work?

    Since it’s an activity only for kids, the adults will leave the group at Monkey Park and will pick them up at the end of the activity. The birthday child's parents are welcome to wait inside the Monkey Park facilities to witness the children's exit moment and to join them during the snack time.

    At EMOTION! we do not take pictures of the children. We only do so with prior consent from the parents, but if you would like to share your photos with us, we would be very happy!

    How long does the activity last?

    At EMOTION!, games last for 60 minutes.
    The entire activity is expected to last 1 hour and 15 minutes. If you reserve the cake, about 30 minutes of snack time are added.
    As the game is organized by appointment, punctuality is very important. Due to the nature of this activity, any delay in arrival will result in a shorter game time.

    What should the team be like?

    The team must have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 players for the game "The Cloud".
    The challenges are designed for different ages, so it is very important to notify the ages to organize the game optimally. In case there are participants of different ages, we will adapt to each level.

    In which languages can the game be played?

    The game can be conducted in Portuguese or English, but by default, it will be in Portuguese. If you wish to play the game in English, you just need to inform us in advance.

    Talk to us

    The Monkey Park team will be delighted to help you organize the big day.
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    968 75 11 34